The Smile Foundation is the perfect way to help children in need. Donate to charity and save a precious child from a life without a smile. Here, we believe that something as a small as a donation can change the future of our nation.

Five reasons why you should donate to charity:

1. Help

There are millions of children in the world that need assistance and caring for them may seem unattainable if you want to tackle the challenge all by yourself. Here at the Smile Foundation we making changing lives that much simpler. It is rewarding to be able to see the positive effect of your donation and support in the lives of the children you are helping to save.

2. Be the difference

In order to invest in our children, charity is a great tool for empowering society as a whole. Create a positive trend of giving and spread the news that you are making a difference. Leave behind the legacy of hope and help pioneer change into humanity.

3. Feel good

The feeling of helping a child is truly rewarding, and knowing that you have positively impacted the life and future of a child is a gift that continues to give. Helping will not only positively impact society but will also profoundly impact you as an individual.

4. Support a cause

Support a cause you truly believe in. Choose a charity that speaks to your heart this will be a most rewarding venture, helping you become more invested in the change that you want to make. If you are passionate about helping children then the Smile Foundation is the children charity you should invest in.

5. See the change

Donating to our charity will give you the opportunity to meet the children you are impacting and you will get to see the change that you are making in the lives of disadvantaged families in South Africa. The Smile Foundation hosts days where you’re welcome to visit the recipients of your donations. We encourage our donors to experience the splendour of changing a child’s life

If you’re looking for ways on how to help children, the Smile Foundation has carefully put together a cause that will fill the hearts of humankind with compassion.

Donate a smile
Donate to charity today and change lives for tomorrow.

We are also excited to announce that our SMS donation line is up and running. Help put a smile on a child’s face today! SMS “Smile” to 38413 to donate R10.

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